Laser Scribing

What is Laser Scribing

Laser Scribing is a process technology that uses lasers to scribe lines on ceramic substrates. Ceramic substrates often need to be scribed for subsequent slicing, or holes need to be drilled on the ceramic substrate to facilitate subsequent processes or component installation.


Advantages of laser ceramic substrate scribing:

  • High precision: Laser scribing can achieve micron or even lower processing accuracy, which is especially important for precision manufacturing
  • Non-contact: Laser scribing is a non-contact processing method, so it will not cause mechanical stress or pollution to the processed material, especially important for thin and brittle materials
  • Repeatability: Through the precise control system, laser scribing can achieve high repeatability and ensure high production quality

Common applications:

Industries applied to ceramic substrates, such as thick film circuits or thin film circuits

HyPro Process

  • Ceramic substrate laser scribing
  • Vision alignment available

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