Thick Film Hybrid Integrated Circuits

Hybrid IC

  • Thick Film Hybrid IC OEM
  • Customized Thick Film Hybrid IC ODM
  • Small Diode Rectifier Bridge ODM/OEM

Component Network

  • Capacitor Network
  • R/C Network
  • Diode Arrays
  • Customized Network

Fuel Sender


Learn about Hybrid integrated circuits

Introduction of Hybrid integrated circuits

Different from the traditional monolithic IC, which uses a single material as the base material and is manufactured by crystal growth, photomask, and etching technology, a typical thick-film hybrid IC uses ceramics as the substrate of the circuit (the size is about 6 "×6"), the circuit and resistor elements are printed on the surface of the substrate using screen printing technology; other active or passive elements (such as TR , IC, Diode, Cap, Inductors, ASIC, etc.) are adhered to the ceramic substrate, then connected to the output pins, and finally packaged as a whole to form an application IC with complete functions and high confidentiality, which we call thick film hybrid integrated circuits (Thick Film Hybrid IC) or directly called Hybrid.

Advantage of Hybrid Integrated Critcuis

  • Small sized
  • High Reliability
  • Cost Savings
  • Flexible design
  • High confidentiality
  • High heat resistance and heat dissipation
  • Modularization

Comparison of Traditional PCB and Thick Film Hybrid Integrated Circuits

特性 (Characteristic)PCB (THM)PCB (SMT)厚膜混合積體電路
(Thick Film Hybrid IC)
可靠度 (Reliability)WorstBadBetter
成本 (Cost)BetterGoodBest
體積 (Size)WorstBadGood
散熱性 (Heat dissipation)WorstWorstBetter
研發時間、成本 (Development time and cost)BetterBestBetter
設計彈性 (Design flexibility)BetterBetterBest

Hybrid Production Process

Step 4

Die bonding & Wire bonding

Die bonding on the substrate and connecting wires

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