SMT Assembly

What is SMT Assembly

Surface Mount Assembly (SMT Assembly) is a manufacturing technology for electronic component assembly, usually used in the manufacture of PCBs. Unlike traditional DIP parts, there is no need for DIP holes on the PCB. SMT directly pastes electronic components (chips, resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc.) on the PAD brushed with solder paste, and then uses reflow heating to melt and solder the solder joints.


Advantages of SMT:

  • Size: SMT can achieve smaller components and higher circuit board density, because the pins on the components and the Through hole on the circuit board are omitted
  • Automation and efficiency: Through high-speed pick and place, SMT can achieve high automation, and the speed can have high production efficiency


Production Process:

  • Print solder paste: Print solder paste on the PCB empty board
  • SMT : put the board through the board loading machine, and use SMT to place various parts in the corresponding position
  • Reflow: Melt the solder paste and realize the welding effect, and fix the components on the PCB board
  • AOI inspection: It can check component position, polarity, skew, missing, bad welding, etc. to ensure production quality

Common applications:

SMT is the current mainstream circuit board assembly method

HyPro Process

  • Minimum size of mountable RLC: 01005inch / 0402mm
  • The smallest IC pin pitch that can be mounted: 0.38 mm
  • The smallest BGA ball diameter that can be mounted: 0.4 mm
  • Minimum BGA ball pitch that can be mounted: 1 mm
  • Placement accuracy: ±0.05 mm
  • Whole factory lead-free process: Lead Free
  • DIP hand soldering OEM

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