Laser Trimming

What is Laser trimming

Laser trimming (Laser trimming) is a technology that uses lasers to change the basic properties of electronic components. Lasers can trim printed resistors and printed capacitors, as well as general chip resistors and chip capacitors. Laser beam focusing on electronic components will cause part of the structure to vaporize, resulting in an increase in resistance or a decrease in capacitance. Laser trimming needs to be equipped with a measurement system to achieve the target value through multiple iterations of measurement and laser trimming.


Types of laser trimming:

  • Passive laser trimming: usually used in the manufacturing process of passive components such as resistors and capacitors, trimming the resistors and capacitors to the target value with laser
  • Active laser trimming: For integrated circuits, trim the resistance/capacitance values according to the target characteristics of the integrated circuits

Advantages of laser trimming:

  • High precision: laser trimming can achieve micron or even lower processing accuracy, which is especially important for precision manufacturing
  • Non-contact: Laser trimming is a non-contact processing method, so it will not cause mechanical stress or pollution to the processed material, especially important for thin and brittle materials
  • Repeatability: Through the precise control system, laser trimming can achieve high repeatability and ensure high production quality

Common applications:

Manufacturing of passive components, precision instruments, optical components and laser components, etc.

HyPro Process

  • HyPro is one of the few or only manufacturers in Taiwan that has the design and manufacturing capabilities of laser trimming machines and provides laser trimming OEM services. It can meet various needs of customers, and even modify programs, cutting methods, and fixtures to provide optimal manufacturing solutions.
  • Laser trimming accuracy: ±0.5% resistance (depending on speed and yield)
  • Cutting method:

Fast, low precision, common

slower, more accurate

fast, high precision

Applicable to high variance to target resistance

voltage isolation

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