Product Category
Thick Film Hybrid IC(點圖片檢視放大圖) Thick Film Hybrid Circuit
  • Thick Film Printed Substrate
  • Thick Film Hybrid IC
  • Diode Rectifier Bridge
Component Network(點圖片檢視放大圖) Component Networks
  • Capacitor Networks
  • R/C Networks
  • Diode Arrays
  • Customized Networks
Current Detector(點圖片檢視放大圖) Current Detector
SMT Assembly(點圖片檢視放大圖) SMT Assembly

SMT PCB Assembly Availability

Integrated operations from layout design and SMT assembly to finish products

Fuel Sender
Laser Marking
Enamel(點圖片檢視放大圖) Printed Enamel Plate